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Sabrina is a graduate of Ohio State University, where she

studied Biology and Dance. She also studied and performed with

BalletMet in Columbus, Ohio in addition to training at The Ohio State

University. She currently has her Law degree and is working towards

helping the Arts Industry. She is actively becoming involved with the

Youth Protection Association for Dance to continue being an

advocate for dancers and empowering them. She has worked with

and for The Tap Legacy Foundation and Oui Danse. She is also a

graduate of the prestigious intern program at Broadway Dance Center

in New York City, where she continuously trains. She has studied

under great choreographers and dancers such as Wes Veldnik, Mia

Michaels and Derek Mitchell. Some credits include Fuerza Bruta, Walt

Disney, Carnival Cruise Lines and some present recording artists. She

is involved with the production of the hit TV show Dance Moms for

the 4 th , 5 th , 6 th and 7 th seasons. She is the proud owner of Artists Out in

San Diego and a well-known choreographer and teacher in the

southeast and now the far west! She is a teacher in sunny California,

consistently promoting safety, confidence and technique to all of her

students! However, she loves judging and instructing Dancers and

Master classes all over the United States. Sabrina’s passion is

dance, she lives and breathes it! Her dedication to dance is



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