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Entry Deadline 

All entries MUST be made online through Dance Comp Genie. Please  click the “Register Here” link on our website to register for competition.  Registration is on a first come, first served basis and will remain open  until all openings are filled. Many shows have been selling out. If the  show is “sold out”, the DCG system will automatically put you on a  “waiting list”. Which means if we can work you into the competition, we  will do so. Registrations are not considered complete until payment has  been made in full. Payments are required to be paid in full 30 days prior  to competition. Registrations received after the 30 day prior to  competition date will be accessed a $15 late fee per entry. Also, please  note that if we accept late entries they will not be listed in the program.  Any changes made to an entry after the deadline will incur a $30 administration fee. And no changes will be allowed within 7 days prior  to competition. If you register and pay 45 days early for a Regional  Competition, you can save $5 per entry fee for the Early Bird Special.  Early Bird Discounts are not valid on Nationals entries due to the  increased cost we incur. *However, if you attend 2 or more Regional  Competitions within the same season, discounts may be available,  restrictions apply. Please contact us directly for more information. 

Entry Fees 
Solos - $
Duets/Trios - $
Groups - $/per person


*National Solos - $ 

*National Duet/Trio - $ 

*National Group - $/per person


Motivational Title - $30/per entry 
Photogenic Contest - $25 ($15 additional entry) 
Most Moving Costume - $25 ($15 for each additional entry) 

Payments can be made during registration by credit card or you may choose to mail a studio check. If paying by studio check, your check  must be received by The Dance Effect 30 days prior to competition.  There is a $40 fee on all returned checks. All entries are non-refundable  and all payments are final. Under no circumstances will we give cash  back, unless we cancel a show. 

Types of Entries 
Solo (the number of solos may be limited and may NOT compete against  themselves in same category) 
Small Group: 4-9 dancers 
Large Group: 10-19 dancers 
Production/Line: 20+ dancers 
Motivational Solo Title 
Most Moving Costume

Age Groups 

Mini’s: 5 and under

Petite: 6-8 years old

Junior: 9-12 years old

Teen: 13-15 years old

Senior: 16-19 years old

Adult: 20+ 

The Age Group is determined by averaging all of the ages of performers  in a dance. The age to be used is the age of the dancer on January 1 of  current year. The average is figured by adding all of the dancers’ ages and dividing by the number of dancers in the dance. For example, if  there are 6 dancers at ages 6, 6, 7, 8, 8, and 9, the equation would be  6+6+7+8+8+9= 44/6 = 7.3, meaning this dance would be  entered into the petite age group. For all numbers ending in a decimal,  please drop the decimal. All dancers are registered through Dance  Comp Genie, which automatically determines the age group your  dancers will compete in. Must be able to verify age if asked to do so. TDE has the right to adjust age groups as needed. 
*Dancers 20 years and older must compete in the adult division. Those  ages cannot be included in the average dance age. Adult division is not  eligible for Solo Motivational Title. 

Entry Levels 
DESIRE: The DESIRE, entry level 1, is for beginner dancers. The  desire level dancer is in their first or second year of dance training and  has little to no competition experience, with maybe 1-3 hours of dance  training per week. This level is designed to let beginner dancers adapt  to the competition scene and become comfortable dancing on stage.  These level definitions are only guidelines. Teachers should take their  student’s technical ability into consideration when registering.  

AMBITION: The AMBITION, level 2, is for intermediate dancers.  The ambition level dancer has taken two to three years of dance lessons  and has some competition experience. This level is designed to prepare  dancers for the next competitive level. These level definitions are only  guidelines. Teachers should take their student’s technical ability into  consideration when registering.

LEGACY: The LEGACY, level 3, is for experienced dancers. The  legacy level dancer has taken 4+ years of dance and has had ample  amount of competition experience. These level definitions are only  guidelines. Teachers should take their student’s technical ability into  consideration when registering.  

ADAPTIVE DANCE: The ADAPTIVE DANCE level is for  those dancers and/or adults with intellectual and physical disabilities.  This level will receive adjudicated and special awards in the form of  trophies, street signs, pins, ribbons, plaques, medals, and/or other prizes. 

If 50% or more of the dancers are in a higher dance level than the rest, it  will need to move to the higher level. When registering, please use your  best judgment for level placement. The Dance Effect has no way to  know a dancer’s abilities prior to performance and trust that they are  registered in the correct level. However, The Dance Effect has the right  to change a dancers entry level if our qualified judges feel the need to do  so.  

Time Limits 
Solos: 3:00

Duets/Trios: 3:00

Small Group: 3:00

Large Group: 4:00

Line: 4:00

Production: 7:00


*Five seconds over the time limit will be allowed, however, anything  
more and you will need to purchase additional for $15 per entry. 

Dance Category/Style 
Jazz*: A jazz dance incorporates technique such as kicks, turns, and  leaps in a rhythmic fashion.  

Tap: A tap dance must use tap shoes and basic tap technique and  rhythm. Recorded tap sounds is not permitted. 

Ballet: A ballet dance must be performed in proper ballet shoes and  include classical ballet technique. 

Hip Hop*: A hip hop routine can include any hip-hop technique ranging  from street dance, break dance, pop & lock, free style, funk, and  stepping. 

Lyrical*: A lyrical dance combines jazz and ballet techniques to show  balance, flexibility, and emotion that will compliment the tone of the  music selected. 

Contemporary*: A contemporary dance is a combination of jazz,  modern, and lyrical movements. The dance technique demonstrates  control, balance, and flexibility. 

Modern: A modern dance is an interpretive dance that executes the  principles of fall and recovery and contract and release to express  emotions related to the song choice. 

Musical Theatre*: A music theatre dance uses music from a Broadway  or movie musical. 

Pointe: A pointe dance uses classical ballet technique. Pointe shoes are  required for female dancers. 

Pom*: A pom dance demonstrates the execution of sharp, uniformed  movements. Pompons must be used for this type of dance. Jumps,  kicks, and cheers may be performed during the routine. 

Acrobatics/Gymnastics*: An acrobatic or gymnastic routine contains  controlled gymnastics movements, such as walkovers, handstands, chest  rolls, etc. Gymnastic passes are allowed, however, a mat must be  present for advanced gymnastic skills, such as a Full and an Arabian.  Dance choreography must be incorporated into the piece to blend dance,  acrobatics, and gymnastics. 
Clogging: A clogging dance uses proper clogging shoes and clogging  technique. 

Production*: A production performance incorporates any style of  dance and/or acrobatics. The performance should incorporate full use  of the stage and transitions on and off stage. Solo or small group  performances can be incorporated during the production piece. 

Character*: A character dance portrays an easily recognizable character  from a play, movie, musical, or television. You may also portray a  character such as an animal, policeman, farmer, etc 

Open*: An open dance can be any of the listed categories or a  combination of the listed categories/styles of dance. 

Variety*: A variety dance is a style that does not fit into any of the  categories or styles of dance listed. 

Vocal: A vocal performance is considered to be singing only. Recorded  voices or lip-syncing is not permitted. Not eligible for Title Entry.


Song & Dance: A song and dance performance includes both vocals and  dance technique. Recorded voices or lip-syncing is not permitted. Not  eligible for Title Entry. 

Student Choreography*: Routine choreographed by a student and  performed by the student or another student. 

Folkloric: A traditional, cultural and belief styled dance that emphasizes  dance from a particular region. Expresses life and spirit through  movements 

* These categories may include acrobatic and gymnastic tricks.  Advanced gymnastic tricks must be performed on a gymnastics mat  (provided by the studio). Advanced gymnastic tricks include, but are  not limited, to twisting rotations (Full or Arabian), double rotations,  and passes with 3 or more tricks. Round-offs and cartwheels are not  included as a trick in a pass. 

The Dance Effect requires that all music be uploaded to Dance Comp  Genie during the online registration process. Music must be uploaded  by 14 days prior to competition. If this is not possible, please contact  The Dance Effect directly immediately. Your account will be billed for  the $30 administrative fee if the music is not in registration prior to the  14 days before competition, without prior arrangements from TDE. 
Even though you have uploaded your music to Dance Genie, please  bring a thumb drive or an electronic device as a backup. The Dance  Effect is not responsible for your music left at event. 
All music must be cut and set to the proper tempo. The Dance Effect  will not change the speed of music manually and is not responsible for  improper playback of music.  
Also, if you need to convert your type of file, please see below. The music upload feature only supports mp3 files. If the music you are  using is in another audio format, you will need to convert using an  online mp3 converter such before uploading your music. 
You will not need to re-upload music for Nationals if you already  uploaded it prior to Regionals. It is a good idea to check your music  before you complete registration! 
Music must be age appropriate without foul language. 

Props & More 
If your routine involves props, you MUST list the props on Dance  Comp Genie when entering routines!!! This alerts the TDE Staff and  prepares us for space and time needed for props. Please be mindful of  size, time and space of your prop. 
All props must be brought backstage and checked in with the stage  manager prior to the session. All props must be clearly marked with the studio name and studio owner. Check with the Backstage Manager  when the best time to load out your prop would be. Each studio is  responsible for setting and striking their own props. Each studio will  have two minutes to set props before the act and two minutes to strike  props following the act. Points will be deducted from that entry number  for exceeding the time limit.

The following list of props, but not limited to, are prohibited:

Back drops/special lighting 
Anything released from the performers hands that cannot be cleared  off the stage as the dancers are exiting (glitter, confetti, liquids, baby  powder, etc.) 
Release of balloons  
Live Animals

*The Dance Effect reserves the right to refuse any props that are unsafe or which do not comply. The Dance Effect is not responsible for lost,  stolen, or damaged props or any injuries related from your props. Any  
prop that causes any kind of damage to the venue in anyway will be the  responsibility of the Studio Owner. The Dance Effect will not be held  liable. 
No jumping off the stage. You will be disqualified. Anyone on stage in a  routine MUST be registered to be in the performance. 

Score Sheets 
Score sheets will be available on Dance Comp Genie approximately 72  hours after the event. In addition to score sheets, each routine will  receive a complimentary voice-recorded critique from each judge along  with a complimentary video feed of their routine. TDE is not  responsible for 3rd party technology issues but will do our best to  resolve it. 

Scoring Breakdown 
The judges will be judging the following things: 
TECHNIQUE  - 35 (Skill of Style/Steps, Flexibility, Strength and Body Line)

SHOWMANSHIP - 25 (Stage Presence, Expression, Energy, Emotion of Movement)

CHOREOGRAPHY - 20 (Difficulty and Creativity, Intricacy and Pace of Movement, Transitions)

OVERALL APPEAL - 20 (Consistency and Timing, Age Appropriateness of Routine, Music,  Costume)

____ TOTAL 100

*In the event of a tie, the Technique score will be the tie breaker. In the  event that the Technique score is also tied, then the Showmanship score  will break the tie. All scores are final.  

Judges Choice Awards 
Each judge will present 3 choice awards for the 3 entry levels. 

Adjudicated Awards 
Solo, Duet, Trio and Group entries will receive an award. Everyone in  the routine will receive a TDE pin. 


Platinum 285-300

High Gold 280-284.99

Gold 270-279.99

Silver 240-269.99

Bronze 225-239.99


Diamond 295-300 
Platinum 285-294.99

High Gold 280-284.99

Gold 270-279.99

Silver 240.269.99

Bronze 225-239.99 

Other Awards 
Top 3/5/10 
The Top 3/5/10 in each level and age group will be awarded a medal.  The 1st place champion will also receive an award and The Dance Effect  Dollars, which are good for any of the TDE Regional Competition or  Intensive. Please note that the number of entries may change Top 3 to a  Top 5 or a Top 10, TDE discretion. Must be 3 or more entries within  the level and age to qualify for TDE$. 

a) Everyone in the entry receives a medal 

b) 1st Place Champions in each line up will also receive The  Dance Effect Dollars in the following amounts: 
1) Solos, Duets/Trios - $50 *Nationals - $100 
2) Small Groups - $75 *Nationals - $150 
3) Large Groups, Lines/Productions - $100 
*Nationals - $200 

Category Cup 
The Highest Score in each category/style within the age group will  receive a category cup trophy; all levels are combined. Must be 3 or  more entries within the category/style in each age group. 

Choreography Award 
The Choreography Award will be awarded to the routine with the  highest choreography score in each entry level.  

Solo High Point Award 
Soloist that perform 2 or more solo acts will automatically be entered  into the Solo High Point. The top 2 individual scores are averaged  together to determine the winner. Winners receive a High Point  Trophy and $50 in TDE Dollars. 

Solo Motivational Title Award 
We encourage soloist to add the optional Solo Motivational Title, as it  is one of the dancers favorites! The Solo Motivational Title entries will  be judged during their regular solo performance, but will be entered  into a second (separate) award category. Only the top 1st place in each  age group and entry level will be awarded and all dance styles will be  combined for the Solo Motivational Title Award. The 1st place winner  will receive an award, a tiara and $50 in The Dance Effect Dollars for  this prestigious award. If a male dancer enters for the title and wins the  1st place position, the tiara will be replaced with a hat. Only 3 solos per  person can be entered into this title division. Adults are not eligible.  You may enter this during registration or at the Front Sales Table at  the show but it MUST be done prior to that session beginning. The fee  is $30 per entry. 

Photogenic Contest 
Any participant can enter the Photogenic Contest. The fee to enter this  contest is $25 and must be paid at the merchandise table1 hour prior to  the start of the session for the participant’s age group. You will also  turn in the photo and the entry form at that time. The 1st place winner  will win $50 in The Dance Effect Dollars. There must be at least 3  different contestants entered into each age group to make a valid contest. Contestants may enter up to 2 photos, the additional photo  entry fee is $15. 
It is your responsibility to pick up your photo at the merchandise table  after the awards ceremony. We are not responsible for damaged, unclaimed or lost photos. We also will not mail the photo if not picked up the day of the competition. 
a) Photo – 5x7 or 8x10 (color or black and white) 
b) Individual photos only, no group photos 
c) Information to be placed on back on photo – name, age and  studio 
d) Age groups – Mini, Petite, Junior, Teen and Senior; if not 3 in  that age then we will award by 11 & Under and 12 & Over 

Most Moving Costume  
Any act can enter the Most Moving Costume contest. The fee to enter  this contest is $25 and must be paid at the merchandise table 1 hour  prior to the start of the session for the participant’s age group. You will  also turn in the entry form at this time. The 1st place winner will win  $50 in the Dance Effect Dollars. There must be at least 3 different acts entered into each age group to make a valid contest. Contestants may  enter up to 3 different costumes, the cost is an additional $15 fee per  entry.  
a) Solos, Duets, Trios, Groups or Line/Productions are all  eligible 
b) Age groups – Mini, Petite & Juniors and Teen & Seniors 

Sportsmanship Award 
The Sportsmanship Award is the most prestigious award. This award  will be given to the studio that shows the most sportsmanship and  charisma. The winner will receive a 5’0” tall trophy to take home to  their studio. 

ADCC Studio of Excellence Award (Association of Dance Competitions  & Conventions) 
This award is given to one studio at each event that best exemplifies the  mission and purpose of The ADCC: working together and striving for  excellence. The winner will receive a SOE award and you will be listed  on the ADCC website and in The Competitive Advantage magazine! If  you receive this award, be sure to follow the directions on the back of  the award. 

Competition General Info & Guidelines 
The doors will open to the venue 1 hour prior to the first act to allow  access to lobby and dressing rooms. The doors to the performance hall  and backstage will open 30 minutes prior to the first act.  The best time to find a seat in the auditorium is in between acts. Please  be courteous and wait until the dancer(s) leave the stage before you walk  through to find your seat or get up to leave the auditorium. 
Please note that the competition may run ahead of time or behind time.  Please be prepared for this possibility. There is no “set” schedule format.  The number of entries, entry types and sometimes certain request can  cause us to put a certain age group at a certain time or day that may  vary in another city. So please don’t plan around a certain schedule  format until we release it. 
Please secure personal items. The Dance Effect is not responsible for  any damaged, lost or stolen items.  
No soliciting or advertising allowed. 
No food or drink in the performance hall. Please follow the venue rules  and take care of the facility. ALWAYS clean up after yourself. 
The use of tobacco, marijuana or alcoholic products is prohibited in the  performance facility. 
We may use flashing lights, strobe lights, laser lights, loud music, fog  and amongst other things that could cause harm to some. Please be  aware that all of these things could be in use and take precautions if you  need to. Let the DJ or Backstage Manager know if you have any  concerns.

Video recording and picture taking are prohibited inside the  performance hall during competition and dressing rooms at ALL times! Points could be deducted for violating these rules and you could be  asked to leave. We will have a professional photographer and  videographer from Express Yourself Video Productions for you to  purchase routine videos and pictures from. This protects our dancers,  teachers and choreographers. However, you may take photos during the  award ceremonies and Move Across the Floor. 
Some events may have live streaming available. However, some venues  do not allow it due to hackers. We must follow the rules provided by the  venues. With that being said, we offer this is a complimentary service.  We are not responsible for 3rd party vendors and we will not hold up the  show for it. 
We encourage applause and cheering for each act, but please refrain  from screaming or shouting. And be sure to clap for all dancers during  the Awards. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and you may  be asked to leave. 

Backstage Regulations 
All routines must check in backstage with the stage manager 1 hour  prior to their performance. One representative from the routine may  check in with the stage manager. The Dance Effect Stage Manager will  line routines up in the correct order.  
At the time of check-in, please notify the Stage Manager of any use of  props or microphones.  
Teachers and performers are only allowed backstage for their  performances or when directed by a staff member. Nobody is allowed to  be backstage during awards except for TDE Staff. 
Due to space constraints at most venues, you may be lined up outside  the backstage area. Please line up and stay where we ask you to be as we  may jump to your number and if you are not there it will cause us to  take time from the show to find you. We do this for the safety of our  dancers. Please respect this decision. 
We do NOT allow anyone backstage during productions, other than the  dancers in the routine and /or teachers and parents that are required in  assisting the production on stage! This is a major safety issue and  MUST be adhered to. TDE has the right to take action when this very  important safety rule is not followed. 
No food or drink is allowed in the backstage area, on stage, or  dressing rooms. All dancers and studio teachers are responsible for  cleaning up after themselves. Any damage to venue or dressing rooms  will be the responsibility of the Studio Owner. The Dance Effect will  not be held liable. 
Only same gender parents and studio owners will be allowed in the  dressing rooms with dancers. 

Competing Out of Order 
Each entry is expected to compete at the time in which it is scheduled.  However, The Dance Effect Stage Manager may ask routines to  compete out of order to avoid delay, due to costume changes. Please be  prepared to perform 1 hour earlier than your scheduled time as  The Dance Effect Competition could run ahead of scheduled time. We shouldn’t come searching for you and cause a delay in the  competition. 

Other Rules and Disclaimers 
The Dance Effect reserves the right to: 

  • Cancel any competition at any time 

  • Add/change competition days 

  • Move competition location 

These changes may be due to weather or number of entries or pandemic. 

The Dance Effect reserves the right to limit the number of entries at  each competition. We also reserve the right to change the number of  entries at any given time.  
If you have received The Dance Effect Dollars it is YOUR responsibility  to keep them until you are ready to use them. The Dance Effect will not  take the time to go back and see what your studio was awarded. TDE  Dollars may be used towards any Regional entry or Intensive entry, not  valid for cash, merchandise or National entries. You must contact us  directly by email or phone for us to apply the TDE $. They will not  work until we enable them on this end.  
The Dance Effect Competitions are a kid-friendly environment. We will  not tolerate music, choreography, costumes, and content that is  inappropriate for the age division or audience members.  Family ~ Friendly ~ Fair ~ Fun ~ Fabulous 

Risk of Injury 
It should be known to all performers that by competing in dance  competition you are at risk of injury such as; sprains, muscle strains,  bruises, and broken bones. By entering into this competition it is agreed  to release, exonerate, indemnify, and hold The Dance Effect, LLC and  their entities harmless of any liabilities and/or injuries that occur as a  result of participation at a The Dance Effect, LLC event. Furthermore,  I agree to release The Dance Effect, LLC and their entities from  responsibility of any and all losses, damages, and court, legal, and/or  medical fees.  
If an injury does occur please report it to a staff member immediately  and complete an Accident Injury Form. 

Media Release 
By entering into this competition, I also agree to allow The Dance  Effect, LLC and their agents, including Express Yourself Video  Productions, to use any pictures or video that my child or myself may be  in and/or for the choreography for promotional use, including social  media. 

The Dance Effect will have 3-5 judges throughout the competition.  Different judges will judge different sessions. The judges will be given  an iPad for scoring. All Judges scores are FINAL and are not open for  discussion. However, if you feel you need to dispute a score, you MUST  do so in writing within 2 days of competition in detail. We will NOT  discuss it at the competition. 
Please do not crowd the judge’s table or communicate with the Judges  during the competition in anyway! 

At the current time, National Entries are open. Meaning you do NOT  have to attend a Regional Competition to qualify. However, those that  have competed in a TDE Regional Competition and have paid their  National Registration will take priority. The number of entries will  determine entry allowance for Nationals.  
We will have a TDE Finale Showcase at Nationals for all levels of  dance. If chosen by the Judges, you will be invited to come back and  perform again at the TDE Finale Showcase! All levels will be  represented!

Additional Competition Information:
Master Classes 
The Master Classes are offered for FREE to any dancer that is  registered in the competition! (may not be able to offer in some  cities) 

Charity Dance Off 
Anyone who purchases a $5 cash ticket from the TDE Front  Merchandise Sales Table will be eligible to participate in the  Charity Dance Off. All of the proceeds will go to the Shriners  
Childen’s. To find out more or to donate in addition to the $5 cash  donation, please see the TDE Front Sales Table. (may not be able  to offer in some cities) 

Move Across the Floor  
Move Across the Floor is where we allow dancers to “freestyle”  across the TDE stage. We do allow audience members and dance  families to participate sometimes too. Our DJ will announce  participation guidelines prior to the start of it. Dancers will line up  backstage on stage left, where they will be directed how to line up  properly. This can vary by venue. Once we are ready to begin, the  dancers will move across the stage from stage left to stage right  from one section of curtains. More details will be explained at the  show. (may not be able to offer in some cities) 

Be sure the Dance Moms, Dance Dads, Dancers and Dance  Teachers stop by our Merchandise Sales Table to get a ticket to  enter our drawings. It is completely free! There is a separate  drawing for Dance Moms, Dance Dads, Dancers and Dance  Teachers. Prizes may vary. You don’t need to be present to win if  someone from your studio will pick it up for you. If nobody from  your studio is there to pick it up then we will draw again and  award someone that is there and able to pick up the prize. We will  not mail or hold any prizes for you. This is just something we do  for extra fun. You just need to print your name and studio name  on the ticket and hang on to the other half until the drawing. All  drawings stay in the container until the end of the show. You may  only enter once. We have the right to change this at any given  time as needed. 

Social Media 
We are on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! You can find us  @thedanceeffect. We encourage you to post and tag us in your  post from competition! We also love to hashtag! Here are a few of  our favorites: #TDENationals #TDEDanceFamily  #TDEFamilyLove #TDECompetiton #TDEWichita #TDEKC  #TDELiberty #TDEOKC #TDEFortSmith #TDETyler  #TDEDallas #TDEOmaha #TDEHouston #TDEIntensive We look forward to seeing all of your posts! 

Please follow all rules listed, failure to do so could result in point  deductions or disqualification from the event and/or future.

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